5 Common Bugs You Might Encounter on Your Samsung 40″ Class N5200 Series TV

A living room showing a large TV

Nothing is more irritating than running into bugs on your TV while trying to watch your favorite movies or shows. The Samsung 40″ Class N5200 Series TV (bn6917393n) has a beautiful display and smart features, but like any electronic device, it can have glitches.

Below are five common bugs that may occur on the Samsung 40″ Class N5200 Series TV and how to fix them.

1. Frozen Screen Syndrome

Often, users face a situation where the screen gets stuck on one frame and does not move. This can happen for various reasons, like software problems or low memory space, among others.

Try turning off your television set and unplugging it for some time before starting again; if this doesn’t work, then think about updating the firmware or resetting back to factory settings.

2. Audio Dropout

One moment you are engrossed in an action-packed scene when suddenly everything becomes silent—audio drops out completely, leaving only pictures behind without sound effects, even though they were there just moments ago.

It is another common issue encountered by many people who own Samsung 40″ Class N5200 Series TVs, affecting mostly external connections such as loose cables and compatibility between devices connected through HDMI ports, etcetera, so check those connections first before moving further.

3. Wi-Fi Woes

The Wi-Fi connection of smart TVs like the Samsung N5200 Series is what makes them really “smart,” but sometimes internet signal strength could be weak, leading to frequent disconnections or slow speeds during streaming sessions, which can be very frustrating, especially when watching high-definition content over Netflix.

If this happens, make sure that your wireless network is up and running properly by testing other devices nearby. Then, try putting the router closer to the TV set or using a wired Ethernet connection instead, since they offer more stable performance. Also, updating firmware for both the router itself and the television might help solve bugs related to Wi-Fi.


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4. App Crashes

Streaming services crash all the time, whether it’s Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Crashes usually occur due to low memory space on your device, outdated apps, or even software conflicts between different programs running simultaneously, so if you notice a particular app crashing frequently while using it, then close the app and reopen it.

After that, check for updates both from the app store where you downloaded it and from Samsung TV firmware update section. However, clearing cache files of crashed apps or uninstalling them altogether may fix the issue permanently.

5. Remote Control Malfunction

Lastly, we have remote control problems, which are very common among many television owners, but fortunately they can be fixed easily in most cases, such as unresponsive buttons, slow response time after pressing a button, or no response at all when pressing some buttons.

Start by replacing batteries with new ones, then ensure there is no blocking signal between the remote control handset and the TV front panel, where the receiver is located. Try re-pairing remote control with Samsung TV again, following manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


It can be irritating to deal with bugs on your Samsung 40” Class N5200 Series TV, but there are ways to fix most of them if you’re willing to put in some work and wait. Keep reading for guidance so that you can watch your favorite shows without any interruptions.