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R1.4.3 Release notes

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Overview of Changes


BUG OS R1.4.3
BUG OS R1.4.3
  • Software support for BUGwifi module.
  • Software support for enhanced power management functionality.
    • BUG base suspend/resume.
    • BUG module suspend/resume (see known issues).
  • Wifi driver fixes for firmware installation on boot.
  • iptables support for masquerade, bridging.
  • Sierra wireless GSM module USB/serial support version 1.7.2.


  • Preliminary support for unreleased BUG Sensor module.
  • Improved support for unreleased BUG GSM module.


  • Restart Concierge application icon available via matchbox interface.
  • Shutdown/Reboot/Suspend icons available via matchbox interface.
  • Connman UI icon fix.
  • Connman tweaks for wifi access points.
  • ifplugd manages eth0 for automatic ip/routing removal upon physical disconnection.
  • ntpclient manages OS system time.
  • BUGapps are manageable via GUI interface. Documentation.
  • Avahi implemented and new _bugdevice._tcp service advertised (replaces Java SLP)


  • Suspend/resume functionality present in base menu.
  • BUGdash application shipped by default. Details are available here.
  • AppUI application shipped by default.
  • New BUG 'graphite' matchbox theme.
  • Concierge starts fresh with each start, no bundle caching.
  • New web template engine: sewing
  • BUG OS version available as a system property: bug.os.version
  • BUG hardware version available as a system property: bug.base.version
  • Provide Java-Bluetooth API:
  • Support for BUG GSM module
    • Basic IOCTL's for LEDs (IModuleLEDController)
    • pppd for data connections. supported/tested peers: tmobile, at&t.
  • Improved accelerometer performance: lower overhead of giving clients direct access to input stream.
  • Better error handling: logging added in places where errors were being ignored.
  • Base menu enhancement: when child node selected, node flashes to show execution.
  • Faster startup of Concierge
  • Stable and consistent startup for BUGapps: BUG apps install and start like system bundles and are only loaded after system is completely running.
  • Simple REST client API available by default for all BUG apps. Redmine Issue.
  • Shell/Terminal OSGi service available for clients that want to execute shell commands. Redmine Issue. Documentation.
  • Virtual keyboard from Matchbox invokable from BUGapp. Redmine Issue.
  • Coldplug works for Audio and Sensor modules. Redmine Issue Redmine Issue
  • Linux inotify service available to BUGapps via the JNotify project. Documentation.
  • PhoneME remote debug package is installable along side the default PhoneME package.
  • jSLP deprecated, replaced with Avahi for remote service discovery.
  • Enhancements to HttpServlet implementation & PublicWSAdmin to properly parse url-encoded http form post and support cookies.


  • OS version identified in /etc/buildinfo, ex R1.4.3.
  • Improved default networking configuration for wifi, usbnet, and wired ethernet.
  • Soft shutdown via power switch as well as base LCD menu and matchbox.
  • Base LCD bootup interface now shows progress bar and current state indicator. Redmine Issue.



Javadoc is available online at

SVN History!history/10671/bug/branches/R1.4/qa?stop_revision=9415

Known Issues

  • Suspend/Resume does not work with LCD and GPS modules attached to BUG. [2]
  • BUG may connect to unprotected AP without connman-gnome updating UI. [3]

External Bugzilla

190   HTTP Service Resource Handling
191 	HTTP Service Resource Name Registration Incorrect
223 	dropbear config: no user/pass required for ssh sessions
288 	setDelayMode to 0 causes MotionAccelerometerSampleStream to throw NPE
339 	BUG connection over usb (to MAC) must be unplugged and reattached after every reboot
360 	MENU Bundle can't be restarted if it has been stopped
378 	AudioTestCase: Removing App doesn't remove it from memory
382 	LCD Accelerometer stream: X Y axis don't behave as expected
425 	R1.3 only: JNI BMI_MDACC_ACCELEROMETER_GET_CONFIG ioctl failed: Bad file descriptor
455 	wifi module: wifi connection never recovers after a remove/insert of module
457 	Statusbar Menu - Modules > GPS > Antenna: is always set to Active
472 	uboot fails to build
475 	Intermittent: on insert Von Hippel module freezes with leds on steady
476 	Known issue: RNDIS Ethernet Gadget Device Driver not found using Windows 7
477 	Suspend: BUG fails to suspend when LCD, Motion and GPS attached
478 	Connman UI: Unsecured APs connect automatically but GUI doesn't reflect connected status
479 	GUI desktop - Settings > Appearance > Sato theme: Battery Icon is always at 1/3 even when battery is fully charged
481   ServiceFilterGenerator.generateServiceFilter(List services) exception 

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