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Handylink to DB9

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This page describes how to make your own serial cable for kernel flashing and debug purposes. We may start selling these premade at the Bug Labs store if enough users express an interest.

Get/Make the Serial Cable

  1. Get a male-male Handylink cable—try Molex or DigiKey.
  2. Get a serial to USB adapter like this one from Keyspan. I've also had success with cheaper adapters
  3. Get a serial terminal (D-Sub 9 Pin Female Solder) and hood. I prefer plastic because it's lighter and won't pull the Handylink side out of your BUG with its weight, as the metal version might.
  4. Wire it according to the diagram below. You can use the Handylink Pinouts for reference.

NOTE: Pins 9,8,7 on the handylink terminal need to be wired to 5,2,3 on the DB9, respectively.