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Exploded Connector Diagram

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02 V5_P2 5V Power to Module
04 SPI_MISO SPI: Master-In Slave-Out Data
06 SPI_MOSI SPI: Master-Out Slave-In Data
08 SPI_SS SPI: Select
10 SPI_CLK SPI: Clock
12 SPI_RDY SPI: Ready
14 GND  
16 I2C_SCL I2C: Clock
18 I2C_SDA I2C: Data
20 GPIO3 GPIO Bit 3 (MSB)
22 MOD_INT_N* Module Interrupt, active LOW
24 GPIO2 GPIO Bit 2
26 LCD_VSYNC LCD Frame Signal
28 GPIO1 GPIO Bit 1
30 GND  
32 CSI_MCLK Camera: Clock
34 GND  
36 CSI_RI_P Camera: Serial Data In +
38 CSI_RI_N* Camera: Serial Data In -
Battery Charge to Module
Image:QTE BUG pins.jpg
Ext Battery Power to Base BAT_EXT_P1 01
Ext Battery Power to Base BAT_EXT_P3 03
Module Present MOD_PRSNT
LCD: Serial Link MD0 MPL_MD0 07
LCD: Serial Link MD1 MPL_MD1 09
LCD: Serial Link Clock MPL_MC 11
  GND 13
Serial Port: Receive Data RxD 15
Serial Port: Transmit Data TxD 17
Serial Port: Clear to Send CTS 19
Serial Port: Ready to Send RTS 21
GPIO Bit 0 (LSB) GPIO0 23
I2S Clock SCK 25
I2S Frame SFS 27
I2S Transmit Data STxD 29
I2S Receive Data SRxD 31
  GND 33
USB: Data + USBDP 35
USB: Data - USBDN* 37
5V Power to Module V5_P39 39

Information about the samtec connector is available here:


The specific part number is QTE 020-03-F-D-SD-TY. Explaining that:

QTE: connector type

020: number of pins (20)

03: lead style 03 which is 10.27 mm deep, This information is in the chart in the PDF.

F: option F plating.. Gold Flash on Signal Pins and Ground Plane, Matte Tin on tails.

D: standard samtec



SAMTEC Order Code: ASP-132124-01 Part Name: QTE_020_A_SD

It’s best if you email instead of trying to do it via their website.