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Welcome, this page is a great place to start if you're ready to write some code!



The BUG is a new platform for mobile, embedded device development. The hardware platform consists of a ARM-based computer running Linux and a set of modules that can be attached to provide specific functionality. Java runs on BUG by default and using the Eclipse SDK it is simple to create applications with unique hardware combinations. This guide assumes that the user has experience with Java.

Setting Up the BUG

Running the BUG

The Kernel and RootFS:

Developing with the BUG

The OSGi Framework


Product Documentation

Specifications: Hardware and software documentation for the BUG base and modules

The BUG Software Development Kit

Dragonfly, the BUG SDK, lets you interact with your BUG through your computer. Use it to:

  • Download community applications to your BUG
  • Look at or modify the source code of community applications
  • Write your own Java applications for the BUG
  • Share your Java applications with the BUG Community

Working with your BUG

More Developer Resources