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Determine bug version

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This page describes how to determine what version of the BUG operating system is running on a BUG. This information can be used to determine if an upgrade is necessary or available, and is generally useful in debugging and support tasks. Please note that in the upcoming R1.4.3 release the actual version number will be included in /etc/buildinfo file.

buildinfo file

A file on the rootfs can be found in the root file system that specifies the date that the image was built. This date is used to determine the BUG software version. The file is:


The file can be viewed by connecting to the BUG via SSH or the SD card can be mounted from another machine. Here is a sample:

BUG Linux Build Information                                                     
Mon Jun  8 15:18:52 EDT 2009                                                    
Build Image: bug-image-production-R1.4                                          
Linux darner 2.6.24-23-server #1 SMP Mon Jan 26 01:36:05 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Lix

You can see that line #2 contains the build date. The last line is not relevant for determining the BUG sw version, it simply is kept to determine information regarding the configuration of the build machine.

Date Table

Here is a table that can be used to match the date to an official BUG version. If the date in your file is not in this table, contact Bug Labs.

BUG SW Version Date
R1.4 Fri Mar 27 02:48:00 EDT 2009
R1.4.1 Mon Jun 8 15:18:52 EDT 2009
R1.4.2 Thu Jul 16 16:27:15 EDT 2009