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Build 266

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Build 266


  • New manifest builder for OSGi bundles
  • New UI for physical editor
  • UI enhancements for BUGnet view
  • Static landing page for Virtual BUG
  • Secure connections between SDK and BUGnet
  • Web Service control interface in Virtual BUG menu
  • Interface Hierarchy change: "*" is now "*"

Known Issues

  • Virtual BUG is not removed from My BUGs view when shutting down Virtual BUG within console.
  • AWT issue on OS X when selecting outside of a list.

Defect Management

Fixed Defects:

  • Defect 64 Virtual BUG: Intermittent, error returned when shutting down Virtual BUG
  • Defect 66 Graphic on web services landing page rendering incorrectly on Windows environments
  • Defect 67 Errors continuously being generated in Windows Vista
  • Defect 68 BUGnet View: View disappears if applications are entered without descriptions
  • Defect 69 Project Explorer: New apps without return yield warning
  • Defect 72 SDK login to BUGnet: login request uses GET method, should use POST
  • Defect 75 Service status is not being updated in Virtual BUG
  • Defect 76 Login: Saved Authentication causes error message after restart of Eclipse

Outstanding Defects:

  • Defect 17 FlickrUppr doesn't cleanup
  • Defect 22 Virtual BUG: Top modules are not fully displayed when running on Linux Ubuntu
  • Defect 24 BUGnet: Error message needs rewording
  • Defect 25 FlickrUppr application generates errors in the console view when triggering a motion event
  • Defect 27 VB: SRVREG Timeout
  • Defect 33 Virtual BUG: Intermittent issue, modules added are not always reflected in the GUI
  • Defect 52 New BUG Connection: Alt tag within My BUGs view is not consistent
  • Defect 56 Log service is not available when switching to Debug log level
  • Defect 70 Manifest Builder: Builder is not operational on existing workspaces/applications
  • Defect 71 Formatting on web services landing page inconsistent across browsers
  • Defect 73 New Project: Warning is returned when space is included within project name
  • Defect 74 Invalid Manifest Command: invalid header errors repeated in PDE runtime error log
  • Defect 78 User is able to send applications using an old password to BUGnet after changing the password on