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Build 248

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Build 248


  • AWT-based Virtual BUG
  • BUGbase LCD has two lines and realistic colors
  • HTTP Service exposes Servlet API to other bundles in SDK
  • Added build dependency to PDE

Known Issues

  • Virtual BUG icon in the dock needs work, MAC specific
  • Spelling fix has changed the IPositionProvider interface (see Defect N/A below)
  • LCD helloworld does not show message when Virtual BUG first started
  • Bundle needs to be restarted after Virtual BUG is running


  • We no longer officially support Eclipse 3.2.2

Defect Management

Fixed Defects:

  • Defect 6 Java Compiler: Settings w/in project are not being saved/passed
  • Defect 13 Virtual Bug pegs cpu and receive NullPointerException on shutdown
  • Defect 14 Applications: FlickrUppr application hangs when loading the LCD module
  • Defect 16 Virtual BUG > Error message: Unable to launch Virtual BUG, change Bug to BUG
  • Defect N/A IPositionProvider updated with spelling fix, all uses of lattitude were changed to latitude

Defects Fixed After Build 248:

  • Defect 18 IMenuProvider.registerMenu path discrepancies
  • Defect 20 Bug Connection - Error messages are inconsistent between Eclipse versions
  • Defect 21 Virtual BUG: Errors generated when adding and removing modules from Virtual BUG
  • Defect 23 BUGnet: User cannot Download latest version to SDK from link in SDK BUGnet
  • Defect 26 Manifest > Invalid command: returns inaccurate error message
  • Defect 28 Virtual BUG: Unable to select modules via keyboard
  • Defect 35 Virtual BUG: Modules inserted into Slot 1 or Slot 2 are represented incorrectly in the Physical Editor representation of the VB
  • Defect 40 Virtual BUG: NullPointerException when closing VB with GPS module inserted

Defects Occuring Intermittently:

  • Defect 31 Virtual BUG: Exception thrown when Virtual BUG is closed and launched several times (intermittent issue)
  • Defect 33 Virtual BUG: Intermittent issue, modules added are not always reflected in the GUI
  • Defect 41 Project Explorer: Deleting project from Project Explorer fails, returns error message (Intermittent issue)

Outstanding Defects:

  • Defect 15 Project Explorer: Unable to launch Virtual BUG when a project has been set to closed
  • Defect 17 FlickrUppr doesn't cleanup
  • Defect 22 VB: Top modules are not fully displayed when running on Linux Ubuntu
  • Defect 24 BUGnet: Error message needs rewording
  • Defect 25 FlickrUppr application generates errors in the console view when triggering a motion event
  • Defect 27 VB: SRVREG Timeout
  • Defect 29 Virtual BUG: Module menus differ across operating systems
  • Defect 30 Virtual BUG: Exception thrown when adding modules to Virtual BUG
  • Defect 32 Virtual BUG: Module menu is being displayed behind Virtual BUG unable to make selection
  • Defect 34 My BUGs > Physical Editor: Module selections are not being displayed
  • Defect 36 Virtual BUG: Exception thrown when shutting down Virtual BUG if SimpleServlet is in the user workspace
  • Defect 37 MyBUGs: Error message generated when closing Virtual BUG
  • Defect 38 MyBUGs: Error message generated when closing Virtual BUG needs modification
  • Defect 39 My BUGs: After shutdown of the Virtual BUG, the removal of the display is delayed